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Every pageant has a coveted "inner circle" that contestants vie for, which is called the top ten, and Ms New Jersey Senior America 2008, Jo Ann Gordon of Brick, made it. After many years in Las Vegas, the 28th Ms Senior America Pageant returned to the east coast, and was held at Harrah's in Atlantic City. The week long event offered many activities opened to the public which included: a parade on the boardwalk, live shows, a health expo, opportunities for shopping, and the Ms Senior America 2008 Pageant. Elegant and beautiful ladies from across the fruited plain and US territories graced the stage of the Concert Venue Theater, all hoping to win the crown, or if not, at least to be in the top ten. Wearing a demeure and beautiful pale pink gown, Jo Ann excelled in physical beauty and poise. She appeared radiant, as she glided effortlessy across the stage in the Evening Gown catagory. Returning again to recite her Philosophy of Life, Jo Ann used sign language as sh


Since she was crowned Ms New Jersey Senior America 2008, Jo Ann Gordon has been one busy queen. In the first photo she is laughing at Mayor Stephen C. Acropolis of Brick, as he told a joke. Afterward, he read a proclamation of appreciation to Jo Ann on behalf of his Office and the Brick Town Council. Next, she and NJ State Pageant Director Johanne Santori stand in between the "Beatles", in the lobby of the Tropicana. She and Johanne were guests of radio show host Pinky Kravitz, which airs in the Atlantic City area. Below, Jo Ann smiles broadly as does host Mike Moran of WJRZ-FM Sunday morning show, "Down the Shore". Lovely Jo Ann at home standing in front of her piano. Lastly, Jo Ann, carrying a delicious culinary delight prepared by the head chef at "A Taste of Atlantic City". Besides, these events, she has been in several parades around the State, and continues to sing with the New Jersey Cameo Club Showcases. Next week, sh


"Many seek, but few are chosen". This is the story of Delores Puzio, who was chosen to represent the State of Delaware in the upcoming Ms. Senior America 2008 Pageant. In an effort to have all 50 States and US territories represented in the annual pageants, Senior America, Inc. chooses only worthy and exceptional women to the position of At-Large State Delegate. This year, Dr. Al Mott bestowed that honor upon Delores in appreciation of her 10 year association with New Jersey Senior America. In his opinion, there was no finer lady who could represent the State of Delaware better than she. Delores joins 45 other beautiful women from around the country, who will compete for the national title of Ms Senior America 2008. Many events are planned for the week of Sunday, October 19th through Friday, 24th at Harrah's in Atlantic City, which include: a Sunday Parade on the Boardwalk at 3:00pm, "Welcome To Atlantic City" show, Senior Health Expo with many opportuni


Organizations owe their success to the dedicated people who work for them, and New Jersey Senior America Cameo Club is no exception. Margaret "Marge" Wanamaker, an exceptional women of beauty and grace, is one such dedicated person. As the New Jersey Cameo Club Showcase Director, she is the lady who gives its members the opportunity to display their God-given talents. Over the years Marge has worked hard to promote the Cameo Showcase productions. Today, thanks to her hard work, the Cameo Club is constantly in demand to perform all over the Garden State. Most recently, she arranged a Cameo Club performance for the veterans at the Lyons, New Jersey campus. A large audience of veterans from all branches of the military and their families were in attendance, and a good time was had by all. Marge is also a very talented performer. As our resident "Marilyn Monroe", she does such an impe