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 NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB (photo courtesy, Sherri McGhie) Memories of the MS NEW JERSEY SENIOR AMERICA PAGEANT held earlier this month, are still fresh in the minds of our membership. The photo above and those which follow show these elegant ladies at their finest. THE CLASS OF 2013 (photo courtesy, Sherri McGhie) Out going Queen Carol Dugan in the middle, joins the CLASS OF 2013, in a post pageant photo op. THE 2013 QUEENS COURT (photo courtesy, Sherri McGhie)  Thirteen very talented contestants made the judges' job very difficult to find the top 5 this year, but in the end they made their decision.  From left to right are: Jodi Rose/4th RU; Ruth Schlossberg/2nd RU; Vanessa Shaw/MSNJSA2013; Marion Guererra/1st RU; Diane Beebe/3rd RU. OFFICERS OF THE NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB (photo courtesy, Sherri McGhie) The officers of the NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB have served with honor, integrity and fairness to all for the last 4 years.  Their term will be ending soon, and t


VANESSA SHAW,  MS NEW JERSEY SENIOR AMERICA 2013  There she is ... the new Queen!  Vanessa Shaw, a resident of North Bergen, in Hudson County, who emerged victorious as the winner of the MS NEW JERSEY SENIOR AMERICA PAGEANT 2013, Tuesday June 4th, at Harrah's Resort and Casino.  From the moment she walked onto the stage of the Concert Venue Theater, Vanessa stood out among the other 12 contestants, with her captivating smile and majestic demeanor.   All the ladies from the CLASS OF 2013 were fierce competitors, yet Vanessa managed to impress both a panel of distinguished judges and a supportive audience that she deserved the title.  For the Talent Portion of the Pageant, she sang "Losing My Mind ", from the Stephen Sondheim musical, Follies.   Shaw's rich mezzo soprano voice soared effortlessly through the hall, and her impassioned interpretaion of the heartbroken lover, brought tears. Vanessa is a professioanl singer-actress, and has performed in many