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The NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB held its quarterly meeting at the America Legion Post 166, in Lakewood, yesterday. The July meeting is always a special time, because the members get to meet and greet their new queen and the CLASS of 2011. Members were treated to a tasty luncheon buffet of fried chicken, several salads, Jo Ann Gordon's (MSNJSA 2008) famous vanilla brownies, and a huge sheet cake, with the words, WELCOME TO THE CLASS OF 2011 on it. Unfortunately, Desiree Nigrelli, MS NJSA 2011 was unable to attend, due to the unexpected passing of a family friend, and the funeral was at the same time. It seemed that yesterday turned out to be a surreal day for Desiree ..... a day that started out with sadness, then, later on, turned into a happy time. She was invited by Mayor Langford and the members of the Atlantic City Town Council to appear at City Hall at 5:00 pm, to receive a Proclamation of Achievement, for winning the title of MS NEW JERSEY SENIOR AMERICA 2011. Congratulations! Me