Thursday, July 14, 2011


The NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB held its quarterly meeting at the America Legion Post 166, in Lakewood, yesterday. The July meeting is always a special time, because the members get to meet and greet their new queen and the CLASS of 2011. Members were treated to a tasty luncheon buffet of fried chicken, several salads, Jo Ann Gordon's (MSNJSA 2008) famous vanilla brownies, and a huge sheet cake, with the words, WELCOME TO THE CLASS OF 2011 on it.

Unfortunately, Desiree Nigrelli, MS NJSA 2011 was unable to attend, due to the unexpected passing of a family friend, and the funeral was at the same time. It seemed that yesterday turned out to be a surreal day for Desiree ..... a day that started out with sadness, then, later on, turned into a happy time. She was invited by Mayor Langford and the members of the Atlantic City Town Council to appear at City Hall at 5:00 pm, to receive a Proclamation of Achievement, for winning the title of MS NEW JERSEY SENIOR AMERICA 2011. Congratulations!

Meanwhile, back at the meeting .... after lunch, the new members were introduced, given a photo CD from the pageant, and an article from The Current newspaper, as mementos of their participation in the pageant. NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB President, Dale Maglia went on to conduct the meeting, and many items were discussed.

One item, of special interest, was the long awaited installation of our new website. She announced to everyone that it is up and running. There are several departments of interest, and lots of photos, past and present. Dale says our website will continue to evolve and grow over time, but for the present, is is something the members can be proud of and tell their friends and family to check out. Click on this link and enjoy! .

Henceforth, this blog will be connected to our new website. The reader can continue reading the articles in journal form, and then log on to our website for other news, events and up to date information. Way to go, Dale!