Saturday, August 16, 2014


Diane DeSalvo Beebe, MSNJSA2014, possessed a radiant smile atop the float, and waved regally to the adoring crowds that lined the entire boardwalk in Atlantic City, on Monday, August 11th, for the 4th Annual Armed Forces Parade.  For her solo, Diane sang "GOD BLESS THE USA"

The GRANDE DAMES CHORUS, also honored the veterans this year with a special number, a "MILITARY SALUTE", which included athems from the 5 miliary branches.   Other great medleys included: Broadway and hits of the '60s with music from Motown.
Before the parade started there was a "photo frenzy".  Making memories of good times is an important credo of the NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB, and the MS NEW JERSEY SENIOR AMERICA PAGEANT Organization.  Several of the ladies brought cameras for the photo op.  No sooner did they start taking pictures, that passersby begged to take pictures of them also.  There were 19 ladies in all, but unfortunately, not all were present at the time this photo was taken. The picture was taken in front of the Revel Casino, where the parade began.

 The parade had begun, and the float's driver, was about to pull out.  However, she had to wait, when an eager serviceman jumped onto the float, and insisted on taking a picture with Queen Diane.

The ladies were all dressed in different hues of red, white and blue to honor the US Flag and  the country's veterans.  When the float stopped at the viewing stand, popular Atlantic City legend and celebrity, Pinky Kravitz was there, along with other Atlantic City dignitaries, and a crowd of over 500 people.  Due to a bit of congestion along, the parade route, the float was halted there for a time.  As a result, everyone was treated to a full performance by the GRANDE DAMES CHORUS, directed by Josephine Araniti, MSNJSA2007.  The show was outstanding, and Pinky praised the group for their fabulous job.
What made this year's parade so special, was the involvement of its members.  One couple, in particular,who stand out is Carol Dugan, MSNJSA2012, and her husband John.   In  2012, MSNJSA STATE PAGEANT DIRECTOR  Johanne Santori, wanted the women sing on the float for the parades.  John Dugan volunteered to provide the sound system for the float and to record the music using the latest in digital technology. 
 Kudos to this couple, and their efforts to improve the MS NEW JERSEY SENIOR AMERICA PAGEANT Organization. 

Special thanks go to the families and friends who were at the parade, and followed the float.  Terry Meade's husband Mark and son Scott took pictures and videos, and posted them on Facebook for all to see.  Warren Beebe, Queen Diane's husband, and Johanne's husband Adeo, also walked the boardwalk, and took pictures.  Final thanks to Johanne Santori, whose tireless efforts, keeps the MS NEW JERSEY SENIOR AMERICA PAGEANT Organization thriving.