Thursday, December 29, 2016


Another year has come to a close, and the fabulous ladies who make up the MS NEW JERSEY SENIOR AMERICA PAGEANT organization, and the NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB, can rest in the knowledge that their continued efforts to promote the positive aspects on aging have been successful.  This year's Pageant at Harrah's was very a glamorous event, and one that the 11 contestants will remember for years to come.  Several contestants have joined the NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB, and along with our reigning QUEEN, Diane DeLuca, have been performing in Showcases around the State.

 Diane DeLuca, MSNJSA2016, is joined by the ladies from the NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB  last August, as they participated in the Armed Forces Parade in Atlantic City.

 QUEEN Diane entertained a crowd at Kennedy Plaza last July in another NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB Showcase.

It was another great Showcase, as the ladies appeared together for the finale.

Showcases at the Regency Adult Day Care Center in Toms River are always fun.  They set themes for each month, and last January, it was a salute to Hollywood icons.

Most of the ladies wore green, for St. Patick's Day celebration at Crestwood Manor.  The show honored a former Club member and dear friend, Gloria Segal, seated, who resides there.

QUEEN Diane and her Court are performing with the NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB.  From left to right are: Winona Brooks, Jeri Georger, Diane, Renee Tompkins, and Hermine Bartee.

The MSSA PAGEANT 2016, was an exciting time for QUEEN Diane, and the ladies came out to show their support.

 The Annual Christmas Party on December 8th was great.  Kudos to Jo Ann Gordon/MSNJSA2008, chairman, and to her committee for making the evening so much fun.  The food was delicious, entertainment by Steve & Debbie Berger, fabulous, and the raffle prizes were amazing.

 The NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB sparkled during December with special Holiday Showcases.  The last one was at a Brandwine Assisted Living in Linwood, on December 22nd.  Peggy Lee Brennan, MSMO & MSSA2016, was visiting New Jersey, and was invited to perform.  The Showcase ended with a holiday Sing-a-long, led by Josephine Araniti/MSNJSA2007.

  Dr. Mott and his wife Betsy also attended the Showcase that day, and were impressed by our performance.  We were all invited to a dinner party at the home of Adeo and Johanne Santori, MSNJSA2006, Administrator and State Pageant Director.

The MS NEW JERSEY PAGEANT organization is thriving, because of these special ladies who are: Renee Tompkins, NJCC Showcase Coordinator; Diane Beebe/MSNJSA2014, audio, and website setup; the NJCC Officers; and Johanne Santori and husband Adeo.  It is from their labors, that the year ahead looks to be brighter.