Friday, December 19, 2008


In the years that followed, many elegant and talented New Jersey Senior America Queens competed for the coveted national title, but no one won. Our founder, Dr. Al Mott explained that during those years, the growth and popularity of the Senior America Pageant was tremendous throughout the country and US territories. Each year, hundreds of beautiful and talented women aged 60 and over came out to compete, and the coveted title went to many other States.

Then, in 2003 the tide changed. When beautiful and talented Dr. Sandra Greco, M.D won the State Pageant, everyone connected with New Jersey Senior America hoped and that she would be the one to bring the title back to the Garden State. And she did!

Sandra was crowned the 23rd Ms Senior America at the Golden Phoenix Hotel Casino in Reno, Nevada on November 8, 2003. Dr. Greco sang "Misty" during the talent portion of the show.

Sandra, the eldest of three sisters, was born in Chicago. She attended the University of Illinois on a full scholarship and graduated cum laude. Sandra worked in advertising and modeling, and as a social worker and school teacher.

In 1976, Sandra decided to attend medical school, and completed an accelerated course, receiving her M.D. in 1979, where she earned honors in surgery, medicine, obstetrics-gynecology, and radiology. She completed a residency in emergency medicine at the University of Chicago, and worked in the emergency department of an Evanston Illinois hospital. In 1984, she moved to New Jersey, and took a position as director of emergency department at a Newark New Jersey hospital where she worked for 16 years. After her retirement, Dr. Greco continued to work part-time at an emergency department in Red Bank, NJ.

Sandra has two married children, and two grandchildren, and is remarried to Danny Drucker. She has been spokesperson for Holiday Retirement Company, and continues to perform and travel with the Cameo Club of New Jersey. Sandra enjoys travel, biking, physical fitness, as well as the theater and the opera. She and Danny have a secondary home in Florida, where they live several months of the year there. She serves currently as the vice-president of the National Cameo Club.

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