Sunday, March 15, 2009


The lovely ladies of the NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB were out spreading their special brand of good cheer last month. On February 20th, defying the harshness of "mother nature", colds and sniffles, our "Ambassadors of Love" entertained the good folks at the Rennaissance Gardens at Seabrook, an assisted care facility located in Tinton Falls. There was a lot of participation in this show, as the residents joined in clapping, and humming along with the singers. One gentlemen was especially memorable. When Delores Puzio looked for a dance partner, he came forward, and they did a lively jitterbug together.

The next NJCC Showcase was for the annual St. Patrick's Day Dinner at the Moose Lodge, in Beach Haven, on February 28th. The evening was a double bill, in which Sherri McGhie and her Mom, Norma shared the stage with the ladies of the NJCC. Sherri sang a variety of songs which included popular, broadway, R&B, and country. Her rich and mellow voice was enjoyed by all. Norma was so funny in her hilarious imitation of famed film star, Mae West.

The NJ CAMEO ladies dazzled the audience with songs, dance, and an impersonation. Dale Maglia, and her lusty country songs always excite the male fringe. The highlight of the show came in the finale, in which Cathy Clark and Doris Criscione teamed together, and sang "Sisters". Dressed as twins, their duet was funny and entertaining.

Kudos to Cathy and Doris for booking the events.

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