Monday, June 1, 2009


Thirteen elegant ladies from the Class of 2009 had the opportunity to meet each at a luncheon that was sponsored by the New Jersey Senior America Cameo Club. The event was held at The Regency at Dover in Toms River, on Monday, May 18th. The luncheon was organized by President Delores Puzio, and committee, which included Lyn Gibson, vice-president, Cathy Clark, secretary, and Doris Criscione, treasurer. Also in attendance, was New Jersey State Pageant Director, Johanne Santori.

This reporter spoke to several ladies afterward, by phone and asked them to comment on the luncheon and the upcoming pageant.

Johanne Santori: All the ladies this year possess brains, poise, talent and beauty. Their preliminary interviews were so impressive ... each lady has a different, yet impressive resume. I expect great things from them all!

Delores Puzio: I was very impressed at the friendliness of all the ladies at the luncheon. They talked to each other very easily, and were supportive of one another. There was much bonding in the room. I welcome them all into our "sisterhood".

Lyn Gibson: Can't wait to see these ladies onstage. They all look so beautiful. I know that they will wow the judges!

Doris Criscione: This class has sold a record amount of tickets. It seems each lady has brought her own fans to cheer her on.

Cathy Clark: Ladies seem quite wired up and eager to go. They look great and come in all shapes and sizes, and each seems to possess a high level of intelligence and sophistication .... something the judges look for.

Jo Ann Gordon: It has been an honor and a pleasure to meet the Class of 2009. I shared some of my experiences as this year's queen, and I hope that I was helpful in giving them a glimpse of all the wonderful things that are in store for them. I wish them well on June 4th, and I look forward to crowning the new queen who will best exemplify the "dignity and maturity of all Senior Americans".

Barby Jo Crema: I think the contestants are all lovely women. We are so lucky to have a beautiful theater like Harrah's. It makes for a more glamorous pageant.

Bernadette Dudek: Every lady is very special, and I am glad I had the opportunity to meet them.

Barbara Ross: The ladies are great. Whatever happens, we are all winners.

Gloria Segal: I was impressed with all the lovely women in this year's class. Last year, I had to drop out of the pageant at the last minute due to illness. I am so happy that this year I was accepted again. I am feeling great and will do my best.

These are just a few comments from our fabulous ladies. The stage at Harrah's is ready. The MS NEW JERSEY SENIOR AMERICA PAGEANT 2009 is just days away. Who will be crowned the new queen, who will then go on to represent the Garden State in the national pageant in October?

Come on down to witness all the glitter and glamour for yourself at Harrah's Resort and Casino on Thursday, June 4th, Concert Venue Theater, at 1:00 pm sharp. Tickets are $10.00 and are still available at the door.

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