Tuesday, September 22, 2009


At Absecon Manor, Delores
Puzio finds a willing dance

NJ State Pageant Director,
Johanne Santori, entertains
with a lovely song, at
Absecon Manor

The summer of 2009 was set ablaze by the stellar performances from the elegant ladies of the NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB. For the first time, Our Ambassadors of Love charmed audiences in the southern part of the State, in the cities of Ocean City, Absecon, Atlantic City, and Northfield.

One evening in particular was a NJCC Showcase, on June 17th, at Greenbriar North in Marlboro for the Deborah Club Banquet and Ball. After the show, the ladies were invited to a lavish dinner. Many people from the audience stopped by their table to congratulate them on their fine performances.

Then, on Sunday July 19th, the ladies performed on the boardwalk at the Kennedy Mall in Atlantic City. The weather was absolutely perfect, and many people packed the outdoor theater for the 4:00 pm show. This show is a special one for NJCC, because the show lasts two hours. That means that members who live farther away, and can't always perform with the club, made a special effort to drive to Atlantic City to take part. It was a great chance for the "sisters" to see each other, and tearful reunions were commonplace. Kudos to the audience, who stayed and watched the entire show, in spite of the strong, late afternoon sun.

Next, NJCC entertained at a luncheon for the "Red Hatters", at the Grenville Hotel in Bayhead, on July 22nd. Jo Ann Gordon, MSNJSA2008, received a surprise visit by her daughter-in-law and granddaughter. The toddler, about 2 years old, stayed quiet, just long enough to hear grandma Jo Ann sing, then she began to upstage the performers. So, smart mommy scooped her up, gave grandma Jo Ann a kiss, and they quickly departed. Such a precious child, and a memorable moment.

The wonderful ladies of NJCC continued all summer long to give vibrant and lively shows, with such love and caring for their audiences. In spite of personal problems or physical ills, they shined and dazzled wherever they appeared. With a succsessful summer season behind them, the ladies look forward to the year ahead, with renewed vigor and sense of purpose to bring music, laughter and joy wherever may go.

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