Saturday, May 21, 2011


Standing from left to right: Johanne Santori, MSNJSA PAGEANT State Director, Lawaner Wilkins-Sykes, Silvia Silano, Kay Vigue, Lorraine Corbin Pass, Mary Ann Andrews, & Patricia Marie Genovese. Sitting from left to right: Phyllis Burton, Leah Whelan, Carol Lelli, Rebecca Orsatti, MSNJSA 2010, Brenda Christian, & Desiree Nigrelli. Absent: Catherine Schroeder & Madeline Caracozzo.

Rebecca Orsatti, MSNJSA 2010, reminisces over her happy year, and gives timely advice to the CLASS OF 2011.

The CLASS OF 2011& Committee. Standing from left to right: Lyn Gibson, MSNJSA 2000, same order as photo #1, adding Jo Ann Gordon, MSNJSA 2008 & Vice President, NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB, and Bernadette Dudek, MSNJSA 2009. Sitting from left to right: same order as in photo #1, adding Dale Maglia, 3rd on left, President, NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB.

An orientation-luncheon was held for the ladies who comprise the CLASS OF 2011, at which time the contestants got acquainted with each other, and learned how to prepare for the upcoming pageant. Officers and members of the NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB, hosted the luncheon, and Lyn Gibson, MSNJSA 2000, resident of Leisuretown, Southhampton, arranged for the meeting to be held in Laurel Hall.

After lunch, Johanne Santori, MSNJSA PAGEANT State Director, began the preliminary rehearsal for the pageant. The ladies were bright and seemed eager to work hard, as they paraded briskly across the stage, trying to follow the myriad of directions. Johanne made the afternoon rehearsal pleasant, preparing the ladies well for the next time they will meet, .... at the pageant, and, on the big stage at Harrah's!

The Talent Presentation of the Pageant is usually the most entertaining for the audience, and this year's class offers a variety of performances. Here is the lineup of each lady's talent.

SILVIA SILANO, Brick, tap dancer;

LEAH WHELAN, Southampton, singer;

CAROL LELLI, specialty dancer;

PHYLLIS BURTON, Whiting, baton twirler;

DESIREE NIGRELLI, Atlantic City, singer;


BRENDA CHRISTIAN, Matawan, dancer;

MADELINE CARACOZZO, Brigantine, stand-up commediene;

LORRAINE CORBIN PASS, Trenton, dancer;


MARY ANN ANDREWS, Linwood, dancer;

KAY VIGUE, Pleasantville, singer;

CATHERINE SCHROEDER, East Hampton, pianist.

There they are! Each lady is great, posseses her own, unique God-given talent, and each has her "eye on the prize". Come on down to Harrah's, and see how the drama unfolds at the MS NEW JERSEY SENIOR AMERICA PAGEANT 2011. Keep score and cheer your favorite lady on to victory. Remember the date; Thursday, June 2nd at 1:00 pm.

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