Monday, June 27, 2011


Rebecca Orsatti, MS NEW JERSEY SENIOR AMERICA 2010, won 1st place prize. She impressed the judges in many ways. One in particular, was the rhythmic complexity of her song, "Don't Rain On My Parade". They praised her for her looks, and showmanship, noting from Rebecca's biography, that she was truly born to sing. Sherri McGhie, won 2nd place prize. She aroused the judges and audience with her salty rendition of the country favorite, "Harper Valley PTA". She told the naughty tale with witt and humor, and possessed a rich earthy vocal tone which was noted by the judges.

Sunday June 26th, was a proud day for the MS NEW JERSEY SENIOR AMERICA PAGEANT organization, when, 4 fabulous former Queens plus our very own Sherri McGhie, took center stage. Generous words of praise abounded from the lips of the 3 judges. Each elegant lady gave powerful, distinctive, and impressive performances, making it impossible for them to find anything to be critical about.

Josephine Araniti, MSNJSA 2007, sang "Where Or When". Dressed in a sexy red dress, she set out to give the great performance that her NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB sisters, have grown to admire and respect. Two of the judges remembered her from a previous contest at the Algonquin Theater, that she participated in last year, and rekindled that memory when they commented on her performance.

Johanne Santori, MSNJSA 2006, MS NEW JERSEY SENIOR AMERICA STATE PAGEANT DIRECTOR, sang "C'est Si Bonne", with style, glamour and grace. The judges commented on her elegant performance, and noted that her rendition had just the right amount of sexy sophistication.

JoAnn Gordon, MSNJSA 2008, and Vice-President of the NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB, was the last to perform among the group of 18 finalists. Her song, "Orange Colored Sky", was a happy and positive way to end the Shore Senior Idol Contest. The judges took note of the fact that she sang with so much joy and confidence, and had the audience tapping their feet to her lively song.

The program was held together by lovely Bernadette Dudek, MSNJSA 2009, and 2009 winner of Senior Idol. As Emcee, she kept the program running smoothly, giving clear and interesting commentary on the different aspects of the contest. At the opening of act 2, she sang, "You'll Never Walk Alone", to which she received a heart warming applause.

The 3rd place prize went to George Aline, who sang an Al Jolson classic, "Rock a Bye Your Baby".

We can be proud of our ladies .... they are out there having fun, and giving inspiration to all they touch. As one of the contestants, I can only say, how happy I was to be a finalist in the Shore Senior Idol Contest, and to be among a group of 18 dynamic seniors who gave their best in what turned out to be great family show!

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