Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The gracious women who make up the NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB lead busy and productive lives in their own communities, and, each in her own way, exemplifies the philosophy of the MS NEW JERSEY SENIOR AMERICA PAGEANT: which is, "to promote the positive aspects of aging". At the July meeting, they participated in an informal survey to discover what life is like once they had reached the "age of elegance", or, 60 years and over. The results are in, and can be summed up in the following categories: (1) have fun; (2) strive to touch someone every day; (3) continue to make your voice heard. Forty women participated, and although it is not possible to mention each one by name, the survey did show that most of the ladies are involved in these 3 aforementioned categories.

This can be anything from: doing puzzles, reading, writing poetry, traveling, equestrian riding, going to sports events; keeping fit by playing golf, running, water aerobics, kayaking, karate, and belonging to health clubs; flower arranging, arts and crafts, cooking and giving dinner parties, sewing, modeling, gardening; belonging to other clubs/groups IE: musical, theatrical, opera chorus, dance, church choir or cantor; playing the piano, learning another language; teaching hula and tap dancing; tutoring children, and teaching animal therapy.
Some ladies write, produce, and direct shows in their communities, others sing in small groups, and some perform one-woman shows of her own, or sing with dance bands.

Grand parenting, taking care of a beloved spouse, and taking care of home bound neighbors, is the top priority in this category, while other ladies do volunteer work at local hospitals, schools, day care centers, the American Cancer Society, veterans' homes and the public library. Some are active in their church, IE: head ushers, Eucharistic ministers, Pastor Emeritus. Lastly, some help out at the local humane society, and others adopt and take care of animals in their homes.

Some ladies still work full time at their own businesses, while others work full or part time in the public and private sectors. Lastly, our ladies serve of boards of local philanthropic and artistic groups, and others take an active interest by speaking out and writing on matters of concern involving their Town, State and Nation.

No, our wonderful ladies do not sit in rocking chairs pining and letting the world pass them by. They use it, rather, to gently rock an ailing baby, or to calm a young child who is afraid of the storm. They appear at county fairs, not as little grannies, selling apple pies or jars of pickles, but as smartly dressed entrepreneurs of their newly formed companies, passing out samples and business cards to passersby. They are out there making a difference, raising an awareness that seniors are the foundation of America, upon which the younger generations can build a better society.

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