Saturday, October 15, 2011


The first time filing onstage, we announced our name and State ... I was #2.

These next 2 photos are from The Opening Number which was a dance. We performed the same routine at the 2 Preliminaries and for the Final Pageant.

The finale of our dance

The PERSONAL INTERVIEW with the judges was held on the first day. The session lasted 5 minutes and I believe it went well. The judges made some favorable comments to me before I left.

These 2 photos were from the TALENT PRESENTATION, one from the preliminary and one at the finals, in which I wore different gowns. I sang "Crazy", and the audience gave me a warm applause for my performance.

Another photo of me singing.

After 2 days of Preliminaries, the day of the Final Pageant arrived, and my name had just been called for making the TOP TEN of the entire country! Here I am beaming with pride, holding onto my plaque.

3 contestants congratulating me after I won TOP TEN, and telling me that they hope I win the Crown!

My 2 grandchildren, who took the day off from school especially for me!

With MS OKLAHOMA 2011 ... we are now buddies!

The photo above, and the 3 that follow, were taken during the evening of the DINNER/DANCE that was given by the MS SENIOR AMERICA PAGEANT organization. My husband Martin and I enjoyed a wonderful evening of good food, and dancing, and camaraderie, together with our family and my newly found friends.

With Jane Freed, NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB sister

With my buddy, MS OKLAHOMA 2011

With Suzanne Shelley, MS SENIOR AMERICA 2006. Suzanne was very supportive of me the whole week, and we will be visiting each other this year.

The crown I won, was the crowd approval and the confirmation of the other contestants who believed I would walk away with the Crown.

It means so much more when your peers have chosen you. They have continued their support of me by forwarding many gifts with crowns or some regal adornment. I am blessed to have such recognition.

God has always made me a winner.
The pageant was worth gaining such notoriety from so many talented and educated women.

One new friend and her family sent this to me: "A truly beautiful person is like a stained glass window, it sparkles and shines with so many facets when the sun is out; then when darkness comes its true beauty is revealed only from the light within."

I am awed at my VICTORY!

Two websites have more information about Desiree Nigrelli, MS NEW JERSEY SENIOR AMERICA, and

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