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NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB (photo courtesy, Sherri McGhie)
Memories of the MS NEW JERSEY SENIOR AMERICA PAGEANT held earlier this month, are still fresh in the minds of our membership. The photo above and those which follow show these elegant ladies at their finest.

THE CLASS OF 2013 (photo courtesy, Sherri McGhie)
Out going Queen Carol Dugan in the middle, joins the CLASS OF 2013, in a post pageant photo op.

THE 2013 QUEENS COURT (photo courtesy, Sherri McGhie)
 Thirteen very talented contestants made the judges' job very difficult to find the top 5 this year, but in the end they made their decision.  From left to right are: Jodi Rose/4th RU; Ruth Schlossberg/2nd RU; Vanessa Shaw/MSNJSA2013; Marion Guererra/1st RU; Diane Beebe/3rd RU.

OFFICERS OF THE NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB (photo courtesy, Sherri McGhie)
The officers of the NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB have served with honor, integrity and fairness to all for the last 4 years.  Their term will be ending soon, and the quest to fill their shoes will be hard. They are from left to right: Joan Kaplan/Treasurer; Agnes Traschetti/Secretary; Jo Ann Gordon, MSNJSA08'/Vice President; Dale Maglia/President.

MS NEW JERSEY SENIOR AMERICA QUEENS (photo courtesy, Sherri McGhie)
Vanessa Shaw, MSNJSA2013, joins the ranks of past New Jersey Queens, to begin her year long committment to promote the positive aspects on aging.

Along with fullfilling her commitment as MS NEW JERSEY SENIOR AMERICA 2013, and her appearances with the NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB, Vanessa Shaw has been busy this month, as writer/producer/performer of her one woman show called "EARTHA AND ME", which she performed at Pace University in New York.


On Wednesday, June 26th, Vanessa was invited to North Bergen City Hall, where she received her first award at the monthly Town Council meeting.  Holding the plaque with her is Mayor Nicholas Sacco. 

Along with Queen Vanessa, the ladies of the NEW JERSEY CAMEO CLUB have also been busy during the month of June, with showcases.  This month in particular, ladies traveled to far points of the State and gave 5 stellar performances. 

As you read along, you will notice several photos that were submitted by the very talented Sherri McGhie.  She does such wonderful work, and truly deserves thanks from this reporter for enhancing this article.
THE GRANDE DAMES CHORUS (photo courtesy, Sherri McGhie)
MS NEW JERSEY SENIOR AMERICA STATE PAGEANT DIRECTOR, Johanne Santori once again gave our elegant ladies an "Evening To Remember", by arranging the appearance of  THE GRANDE DAMES CHORUS, in the Atlantic City Armed Forces Parade.  A huge crowd of people lined the boardwalk fort the annual event.

TWO QUEENS SING DUET (photo courtesy, Sherri McGhie)
Last year, Carol Dugan, MSNJSA2012, sang a patriotic medley, which not only won her the State title, but got her into 4th place at the National Pageant.  This year, she shared her medley with Vanessa.  Vanessa lent her rich mezzo soprano voice to "America the Beautiful", and Carol sang "Living In The  USA" with all the enthusiasm we have become used to.  The effect was dynamic ... the mixture of Opera and Pop was magical.
THE GRANDE DAMES CHORUS (photo courtesy, Sherri McGhie)
Several of the ladies in THE GRANDE DAMES CHORUS will become "freindly adversaries" later this month and in July.  They will be competing in the Shore Senior Idol Contest, Sunday, June 30th, Algonquin Theater, Manasquan,  3:00 pm., and  Seniors Got Talent Contest, Sunday, July 28th,  Strand Theater, Lakewood,  3:00 pm.   Come out and cheer for your favorite. 

The victories of the past month are the rewards these elegant ladies deserve.  They were unselfish and untiring in their efforts to give pleasure to their constituents.  Other than an occasional parade, they go where "few dare to go", to give  their elderly constituents, a little bit of happiness. 

Kudos, ladies on a job well done! 

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