Saturday, September 20, 2008


The dictionary defines a "visionary" as a person with unusual powers of foresight. It is easy to see how Dr. Al Mott falls into this category. During the 1960's Al saw how bleakly older Americans, were percieved by the media as being fragile, non productive and a burden upon society. He set out to change that image, and in 1971, created Senior America, Inc., to promote instead, the positive aspects of aging.

Dr. Mott's goal for the first Senior America Pageant in 1972, was to create a public awareness of the continuing social contributions of senior Americans, and by 1983, his idea spread to States from coast to coast.

Each year since then, women across the country, who have reached the "Age of Elegance", compete first in their State for the title, and then go on to nationals to see who will be Ms. Senior America. Dr. Mott calls the Pageant a "rite" of passage, in which women can achieve their individual dreams and aspirations. Over the years, he has witnessed how the Pageant has changed the lives of many people, and how America's seniors have moved ahead to become our greatest national treasure.

Dr. Al Mott joins the ranks of other visionaries who have broken still another "glass ceiling", which has resulted in closing the gap between generations, AARP, Elder Advocate, Silver Foxes, to name a few.

His quest continues.... Dr. Mott has gone global, by creating Senior International. He has reached out to countries worldwide, encouraging them to honor their senior women by having Pageants. Ms Senior America would then compete for the title of Ms Senior International.

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