Monday, September 29, 2008


Pictured above are the current officers of New Jersey Senior America Cameo Club. In the center is: Delores Puzio, President. To her left is Cathy Clark, Secretary, and on the right is Lyn Gibson, Vice President. In the second row is Doris Criscione, Treasurer.

Since the New Jersey Senior America Cameo Club was founded by Dr. Al Mott, it remains today the first and oldest club in Senior America, Inc. Consequently its mission, purpose and goals are the same.
The NJSA Cameo Club boasts to having the oldest member, who, at age 94, still gives a stellar performance every time she appears in the Cameo Showcases.

The NJSA Cameo Club is designed to be a continuing contact between the pageant and former contestants, and State and national queens, and helps by assisting the State Pageant Director as much as possible. Its members give emotional and financial support to their State queen during the year of her reign.

Recently, one of our most valued and beloved members wrote a poem, that was published in the New Jersey Senior America 2008 Pageant booklet. Norma McGhie, Ms. New Jersey Senior America 1995, sums up most poignantly the purpose of NJSA Cameo Club and its national affiliates:

The Cameo Club

Kindness, love, respect and caring
Is what the Cameo Club is all about.
We're a sisterhood that believes in sharing
Our talent, our ideas, our wisdom, our clout.

To support Senior America in every way
To support each other in everything we do.
To cope with problems that may come our way
In doing so, goals will be achieved and dreams come true.

To have a positive attitude in our sisterhood
Spreading good will, motivating and doing good.
We're at an age when certain things are important to us
A fond embrace, a kind word, a sincere feeling of trust.

To be elegant in more ways than one.
To work together to get the job done.
To be what Sr. America wants us to be
And live up to their philosophy.

To improve our image and that of others too
To be involved and have purpose in what we do.
These are the principles that we must heed
Loyalty, integrity, and serving others is our creed.

Well said. Thank you Norma!

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