Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Organizations owe their success to the dedicated people who work for them, and New Jersey Senior America Cameo Club is no exception. Margaret "Marge" Wanamaker, an exceptional women of beauty and grace, is one such dedicated person. As the New Jersey Cameo Club Showcase Director, she is the lady who gives its members the opportunity to display their God-given talents.

Over the years Marge has worked hard to promote the Cameo Showcase productions. Today, thanks to her hard work, the Cameo Club is constantly in demand to perform all over the Garden State. Most recently, she arranged a Cameo Club performance for the veterans at the Lyons, New Jersey campus. A large audience of veterans from all branches of the military and their families were in attendance, and a good time was had by all.

Marge is also a very talented performer. As our resident "Marilyn Monroe", she does such an impeccable imitation, that audiences are amazed by the uncanny resemblance she has to the late movie star.

She is a life affirming and positive women, who rewards her ladies with encouragement and praise whenever they perform. All who know her adore her. Kudos to you, Marge Wanamaker, for a job well done!

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