Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Every pageant has a coveted "inner circle" that contestants vie for, which is called the top ten, and Ms New Jersey Senior America 2008, Jo Ann Gordon of Brick, made it. After many years in Las Vegas, the 28th Ms Senior America Pageant returned to the east coast, and was held at Harrah's in Atlantic City. The week long event offered many activities opened to the public which included: a parade on the boardwalk, live shows, a health expo, opportunities for shopping, and the Ms Senior America 2008 Pageant. Elegant and beautiful ladies from across the fruited plain and US territories graced the stage of the Concert Venue Theater, all hoping to win the crown, or if not, at least to be in the top ten.

Wearing a demeure and beautiful pale pink gown, Jo Ann excelled in physical beauty and poise. She appeared radiant, as she glided effortlessy across the stage in the Evening Gown catagory. Returning again to recite her Philosophy of Life, Jo Ann used sign language as she spoke. Lasting only 35 seconds, her philosphy was uplifting and optimistic, and relevant to today's issues. Her vocal rendition of "An Orange Colored Sky", was bright and powerful, and shouts of bravo and loud applause were heard throughout the theater.

New Jersey Senior America and her New Jersey Cameo Club were proud of JoAnn and how excellently she represented the Garden State at the national pageant. She will continue to reign as Ms New Jersey Senior America 2008, appear in Cameo Club Showcases along with the "sisterhood", and fullfill the many other duties assigned to her during the coming year.

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