Monday, April 27, 2009


Little did the 3 Queens from the New Jersey Cameo Club realize how happy they made the members of the Ocean Township Rotary Club, on Wednesday, April 15th. Current NJSA Queen Jo Ann Gordon coordinated the appearance for the Rotary Club's weekly luncheon which was held at The Renaissance Hotel in Ocean Township. She asked Josephine Araniti, MS NJSA 2007, and Delores Puzio, MS DELAWARE SA 2008 to appear with her. The ladies were invited to a sumptuous lunch beforehand. They thought that the members who sat at their table were so interesting to talk to and were very gracious dinner companions.

Of special interest which occurred during lunch was a fun activity called "happy dollars". Any member could stand up and tell about what made them happy, or sometimes sad, and then offer as many "dollars" that they wished to. The dollars then go into the Club's treasury. That afternoon, one member after another welcomed the 3 Queens, putting in 3 dollars each time. Later, it was revealed that the ladies' presence helped to raise quite a bit of money.

At the conclusion of lunch, the 3 Queens were invited to the podium. Josephine spoke about the history of Senior America, Inc. and New Jersey Senior America: Jo Ann talked about the Ms New Jersey Senior America Pageant: and Delores spoke about the New Jersey Cameo Club. The ladies entertained beautifully, and received a warm applause and standing ovation from an adoring audience.

Kudos to the 3 Queens. You made the "sisterhood" proud!

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