Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The title for today's article may sound like a product for removing stubborn stains and spots. But the play on words, describes exactly how we all felt on March 9th. Leisure Park in Lakewood, is a favorite place for the ladies of NJ Cameo Club to perform. The residents and staff are so kind, and look forward each year to our showcases.

Upon arrival that day, however, we noticed something was different ..... the building was on lockdown and we had to ring the doorbell. At first, we thought that it was a new security measure, but as we gazed through the glass doors waiting to be let in, we saw the staff walking around wearing masks, and rubber gloves. Also, there weren't any patients sitting around enjoying the sunshine and each other's company.

Eventually, a worker came to the door, and told us about an outbreak of stomach flu throughout the facility and suggested that we not come inside, and to cancel the show. We couldn't make that decision, since many ladies were travelling from a distance, and not everyone had arrived.

We give 2 shows there, one in the Revelations Unit, and one in Assisted Living. The activities director canceled the first show in Revelations, because too many residents were ill, but she decided to keep the second. We always play to a full house, but that day, only a handful of brave residents came to the cafeteria. They were so happy to see us, that they applauded especially loudly as if to make up for those who could not make it.

Delores Puzio, our "energizer bunny", managed to find a man to dance with her. His name was "Connie", short for Constantine, who told us that he had just turned 93 years young. He danced the twist, and then led Delores through some fancy turns. Way to go, Connie!

Kudos to our "Ambassadors of Love" for another high energy show. We all said a silent prayer before leaving, that we would not come down with the stomach flu. Luckily, in the days that followed, nobody did.

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